Monday, September 20, 2010

Cornrows and Triangle Banded Sister Twists

I've had Senegalese Twists in my hair for about a month and I felt like doing some twists for Kurly T. We washed and conditioned with Mixed Chicks, oil and banded to dry overnight. I used Blended Beauty to style with, cuz that's what we're loving right now. I cornrowed the front and parted the back in triangles, banded and sister twisted. Sister twists are 2 strand twists that have the 2 strands twisted counter clockwise individually before twisting them clockwise over each other. (I hope that makes sense). Our butterfly beads came from Curly is Cuter! We love them! We hope you likey. Happy Styling!




  1. This is adorable! Thanks for sharing. Your baby is growing up:)