Sunday, July 18, 2010

Crazy Braids x 3

Hola Mamis! This weekend I had to do 3 heads!! Can you say OMG?! I washed, conditioned, oiled and banded Friday night and let air dry. Saturday morning I started a day of braiding from 10 am to 10 pm (with lots of breaks in between). I think the braids came out super cool and they love their hair. None of the designs are the same, but they are all similar. Let me know what you guys think!

Kurly T's Design up close

My triplets

I thought this ended up looking like a butterfly, cool huh?

I taught myself how to cornrow one year ago this month. If someone would have told me that I'd be able to do styles like this after a year, I wouldn't have believed them. My daughter has been extremely patient with me and my learning curve (lol). So for all the mommies who say they can't braid, just give it a try and practice, practice, practice. Happy styling ladies!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bee Mine Moisturizer, Curly Butter and Daily Spritz Review

We're back with Part 2 of the Bee Mine Product Review. We left off with Kurly T's hair wet, oiled, banded and left to dry. Today, I will apply the Bee Mine Balanced Cream Moisturizer and Bee Hold Curly Butter to style and finish with the Juicy Moisturizing Daily Spritz.

Bee Mine Balanced Cream Moisturizer
8 oz $18
2 oz $5.50

This product moisturizes like a dream! After removing the bands I applied the moisturizer through her hair and began to style. The scent is amazing, it reminds me of candy and Kurly T loves the "bee lady".

Bee Hold Curly Butter
8 oz $13.97
2 0z $4.50

After applying the moisturizer to the hair, I applied the curly butter the each section before cornrowing and twisting. It kept the braids and twists frizz free! I did cornrows in the front and banded box sister twists in the back. I wasn't sure if I liked the mixture of braids and twists but we got lots of compliments. We hope you likey!

Juicy Moisturizing Daily Spritz
8 oz $12.97
2 0z $4

I spray the juicy on Kurly T's hair daily for an awesome moisturizing shine. It smells like candy too and we both love it.


I really love these Bee Mine products and will definitely consider them staples in our regimine. I am still loving the fact that these products are silicone, sulfate, paraben and protein free! The next products I would like to try in this line is Deja's Hair Milk and Bee-u-ti-ful Moisturizing Deep Conditioner. Thanks again to Bee Mine for allowing me to review their products. If you are interested in Bee Mine products click here .

After 7 days Kurly T's hair is still holding strong! I love Bee Mine!


MJ is Kurly T's older brother and he wanted to be included too.

Bee Mine Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Okay, so I know you guys are tired of seeing me mention the Bee Mine products and saying that the review is coming soon so....Here it is!! Part 1 anyway, lol. First, I would like to thank Bee Mine for allowing me to review their products. I will be reviewing the Peppermint & Tea Tree Nourishing Shampoo and Avocado Cream Balanced Conitioner along with the Hair Growth Serum with Sulfur.

Before washing with Bee Mine, Kurly T's hair had been in an "out" style this week of a small veil up front and 2 puffs in the back. Here is what it looked like after I took out the bands....


Bee Mine Peppermint & Tea Tree Nourishing Shampoo
8 oz $12.97
2 oz $4

I had used some product this week that contained mineral oil and wanted to make sure I washed really well to get all that out of her hair. I only needed a small amount of the shampoo to get a good later. I can't quite put my finger on the scent, it smells like a mixture of cough syrup and cocoa butter, it wasn't terrible just different. But it doesn't linger so that's good. I only needed to wash once to get her scalp really clean and to remove old product from her hair. And as I said, a little goes a long way with this and that's always a plus for us!

Bee Mine Avocado Cream Balanced Conditioner
8 oz $12.97
2 oz $4

The conditioner didn't have as much slip as I would have liked, so I knew I wasn't going to be able to detangle with it. I left it on for about 5 minutes, while Kurly T ate some chips, lol.


After rinsing her hair felt very soft. I love anything that doesn't make her hair feel like a brillo pad. The scent was similar to the shampoo, but again, it didn't linger. I used my regular detangler (Giovanni Direct Leave In) to comb through her hair and sealed with coconut oil. I oiled her scalp with our oil mix (tea tree, grapeseed, sweet almond, and coconut oil) and banded her hair in 10 ponytails with 3 goody bands each. I'll leave this overnight and style tomorrow.


Mango Scent Hair Growth Serum with Sulfur
8 oz $15
2 oz $5

I opted to choose this product because of the benefits of sulfur that I've read. Sulfur increases the circulation of your scalp, nourishing your hair follicles resulting in hair growth stimulation. A lot of moms at Kurly T's daycare ask what I use to get her hair to grow so long. Personally, I don't think her hair is amazingly long, but I know that everyone's hair grows and there is no product that will grow your hair long. It's about the way your hair is taken care of to retain the growth. But I wanted to see what this serum would do for us. Before I used this product on my daughter I tested a small area on the back of her hand to see if she would have a reaction to sulfur, as some people can be allergic. No reaction...we were good to go. This scent definitely smells like cough syrup. I only applied this product around her edges. This product is designed for those that have alopecia, hair loss, balding or thinning. Kurly T's edges are shorter than the rest of her hair, I call it her "halo" and it drives me crazy. I will have to continue using this product before I can fully report on the success or failure.

Overall, I like the Bee Mine Shampoo and Conditioner. I am loving the fact that these products are silicone, sulfate, paraben and protein free! If you are interested in Bee Mine Products click here.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Messin Up My Curl Pattern

ROTFLMBO! I was cracking up at this cuz ppl like touching our hair. I know they like it, but please don't touch. Hope you get a good laugh!