Monday, October 4, 2010

Kurly Kidz Korner (Kurly E)


The Kurly T-spot is proud to introduce the first Kurly girl in the Kurly Kidz Korner! Meet Kurly E!


Kurly E (5) lives in Holland with her mom, Bridget (31), dad and older brother. They are 100% Ghanaian!

Read on as Bridget tell us more about Kurly E's hair...

What is your daughter's hair care routine?
In the winter she always has kinky twist or braids with attachments due to the very very very cold weather here. The weather is really killing our hair and if you leave it just like that without putting it in any protective style, then get ready for hair damage. Her style stays in for 4/6 weeks (in between I shampoo her hair), then when its taken out..her hair rests for 2 weeks then I start again.
But in the summer (our fave I wash her hair either weekly or every 2 weeks. But I style her hair weekly and sometimes it stays 2 weeks, it depends on how it looks at the end of the week. Washday is Saturday, thread it (typical african way to stretch hair, something like banding but with thread), Sunday morning give her a cute style for church then after church she get her style for the week.

What kind of products do you use on her hair?

I have been changing products lately. But my current products are: Jeba hairfood (with sheabutter, bought it in Ghana), Kids Organic shea butter conditioning shampoo, Beautiful Beginning Kids Cholestrol, PCJ detangling spray and the oils I use are EVOO, almond oil and coconut oil.

Have you ever used chemicals on her hair?
I have never used any chemical on her hair and will never use it either. I love her hair the way it is (4b). The texture is also very soft and easy to handle. So as long as I am in charge I will keep her hair natural, because it's beautiful. I am teaching her to embrace it with love so when she grows up she will keep it that way too.


How did you learn to do her hair?
I learn how to braid from my mother I can't even remember, just learned it somehow. But I learned to cornrow only 2 years ago. I used youtube video's to learn, and it is getting better. But about the creative styling, I learned it from Aisha (she is a guest blogger at Beads, Braids and Beyond). She is just amazing with her styles, so I am very very happy that I know her, because I am learning so much from her!

How does your daughter feel about her hair? What is her favorite style?
My daughter is happy about her hair. 99% of the styles I make for her, she loves it and she gets a lot of compliments about her hair from people, so that makes her embrace her hair more. She doesn't really have a fave style, because she likes almost everything, but she likes it when there are beads in it.

What hair care tips would you give to other moms?
Never use any chemicals on a child's hair. Natural is best because that is what u got from the one above. Use the right products so u can handle the hair and just give as much attention as possible to your child's hair. Make her feel pretty, so that she will embrace her hair.


Thanks Bridget for sharing Kurly E's hair with us!

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