Monday, October 4, 2010

Veil with Cornrow "Halo" and a Puff

Okay, so it was Kurly boy MJ's 5th birthday party this weekend so that left very little time for hair! So I opted for a quick but cute style. This probably will only last for a week, but that's okay. I washed and conditioned with Mixed Chicks. Detangled with Giovanni Direct Leave In mixed with water, oiled, banded and left to air dry overnight. I didn't have a style idea in mind, which is totally unlike me! I normally think for days about what I'm going to do to Kurly T's hair. But I needed something quick so I did a veil. The pictures below are actually of 2nd day hair. At first it was just a veil and the puff but after picking Kurly T up from school on Monday, her "Halo" was all over the place! That was such a no no. So I came home and cornrowed the "Halo" to tame it and added a bead at the beginning for sheer cuteness. I really like this style. I really like that there are no beads on her ends. I've been wondering if excessive beading causes damage, after all I do use them on almost every style. I only use olive oil soaked rubberbands to secure them and I never put them on too tight. But her ends are looking kind of ragged. What do you guys think about beading all the time? Let me know. We hope you likey! Happy Styling!



  1. That's cute and different...

  2. I love it, one of my fave..and about the beads, it does weaken ends when u use them often, so try to do more often protective styling (without beads) and every now and then with beads...cos it can really cause damages if it is used often, so i have adviced myself too..cos the ends r the oldest hair on the head so it needs to be threated very carefully...

  3. She is adorable and I love those star beads!! Im not sure if excessive beading causes damage, But I figure to much of anything isnt good, sometimes our hair needs a relaxation time

  4. Very cute style, especially from the side. Her puff is pretty full. She has so much hair to be so little! Just imagine how much she will probably have in a year or two! It'll probably be halfway down her back.

    I am afraid to put beads (and even barettes) on my daughter's hair every time I style it. Beads can be addictive but I'm afraid that they will make her ends split and break because of the friction. I use beads very rarely--like every few months. I use barettes more often. I think above all things, any type of hair accessories need to be rotated in use. Like headband for a couple of weeks, beads for one, barettes for the next, then bows for a couple of weeks with some breaks in between where there are none at all.